Welcome to the Canteen!

The Canteen is where all editors and users of this Wiki can come together and talk to one-another about possible edits and page creations. If you are planning to help with this Wiki, then allow me to thank you firstly. Your hard work is greatly appreciated however you must first read the following:

  • The Necessity of an Article: Creating a page/article in a Wiki is no walk in the park. Although it is simple to add a page, certain things must be taken into consideration. Firstly, is it possible that this has already been included elsewhere? Also, how important is this article idea?
    • It is greatly appreciated to discuss any article that you wish to create in the Canteen's talk page. You will get advice on how important we find this page/article and if we find it necessary, then we will help you to create it.
  • The Language that we use: A Wiki must have a certain formality. You do not know the reader and so you cannot immediately use language that could be seen as patronising (aka- inappropriate apostrophes and tone of voice). You must also never swear in an article and you must never use fowl language. It may seem obvious but it can happen.
  • Other users: This Wiki and other Wikis only work if the users are in unison. This means that we must all work together. If we are unsure about how to do something, we must never be too scared to ask. Similarly, if another user asks for your help, you must go out of your way to try to help them as much as you can.

If you need any more help then please visit the admin's talk page here .

TheFartyDoctor Talk 01:18, November 23, 2011 (UTC)

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