Stanley "Stan" Meadowcroft (played by Duncan Preston) was a dull handy man who worked at HWD Components. He had a wide knowledge of the kitchen equipment and always spoke about his father being a Desert Rat.


Stan was a boring yet loveable caretaker of HWD Components and placed his machines on the same level as his friends. He spent his days constantly moaning about something and nothing.

Childhood and Pre-Canteen LifeEdit

Stan was born to Jim Meadowcroft and his mother, who remains unnamed. In 1954, his mother left his father for a piano tuner.

In the CanteenEdit

Stan was the handy man who was constantly having to fix the objects in the kitchen that continually broke- especially the toaster. He would spend some of his day cleaning bins and if the kitchen staff needed him, they would normally throw a box at him to get his attention.

Throughout the show, we saw his secret love for Jean blossom and they decided to enter a relationship during the final episodes of the second series, ending with them getting engaged in the final episode. Whether they happily married is unknown.

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