This page is a list of all events, which have either taken place or have been mentioned to have taken place in the Dinnerladies Universe. This may not be a list of every event but it is being constantly updated.

The 1960sEdit

  • 30th July 1966 - Stan 's father cries when Germany equalises during the famous game between Germany and England.

The 1970sEdit

  • March 1973 - Petula Gordino apparently has an outerbody experience. According to her, a man called Anton Vitcuna told her that with her aorta, she should have apparently died around this time.
  • 15th September 1975 - Anita was born to Reena.
  • 24th December 1957 - Bren was born to Petula Gordino.

The 1990sEdit

  • 5th August 1999 - Tony planned a holiday to Marbella with Bren, which got ruined when Petula's caravan blew up. Bren decided to give her holiday money to her mum so that she could buy a new caravan.
  • At some point after 23rd December 1999 - Tony took Bren to Scotland, where they spent some of the Christmas period in his friend's place.

The 2000sEdit

  • 29th February 2000 - Petula was taken to hospital where she was told that she had three weeks left to live. She died shortly after her admittance.

Unknown YearEdit

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